Who are we?

Kaminus was established to import into Australia the most efficient Fireplaces designed and engineered in Europe. Our team has extensive history and knowledge of the Australian fireplace market as well as direct experience of selling European fireplaces.

For a long time there has been a massive gap in the fireplaces available in Australia compared to Europe that we have now closed.

Our fires meet the latest and strictest European emission standards and when tested as the fireplace is designed to be used are extremely efficient. The latest 2019/2020 models have efficiency ratings above 85% with some reaching as high as 88%.

This means less particles or smoke, less wood burnt and less CO2 produced to heat out homes while providing the ambience that only a wood fire can produce.

We show the efficiency results from both European and Australian testing for our fireplaces to give a better picture of the real life performance. The Australian testing was designed for traditional large firebox fireplaces where a large load of wood is used.

Our fires run with far less wood to produce the same heat outputs and the testing does not represent the true efficiency of the fires that is reflected in the European test methods.

The future breathes our choices

“Wood – natural, renewable and potentially inexhaustible fuel is becoming more and more an opportunity to stop eroding our ecosystem that is already subjected to emissions from other human activities.”
-La Nordica Il Futuro

Trees lock up the energy of the sun with water and CO2 through photosynthesis, essentially storing the solar energy as a battery made of wood.

The combustion of the wood releases the stored solar energy returning the water and CO2 to be used for the new growth of plants and trees and completing the carbon cycle all within the life of the trees. A carbon neutral process.

The CO2 produced when burning fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil is releasing the CO2 locked up over millions of years in a short space of time thereby raising the CO2 levels and contributing to greenhouse gases.