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Free your imagination in the kitchen thanks to the ingenious PANEPIZZA patented device. A single large door encloses two independent ovens: manage as much heat as you want, the upper oven is able to exploit higher temperatures thanks to a dedicated smoke path. Both ovens have a soapstone base and a dedicated thermometer. Available with a Beige or Bordeaux Maiolica Tile. Water, baking powder and flour and a little magic happens in the house. Three seemingly very simple ingredients able to create something incredibly special and fragrant, which unites the whole family.

  • Nominal output: 12.3kW (EUROPEAN)*
  • Smoothed cast iron cooking plate together with cast iron rings
  • Cast iron frame
  • PANEPIZZA® patented devices to control the temperature of two ovens
  • Secondary air modulation devices
  • Cast iron firebox door
  • Upper enamelled oven with soap stone base
  • Lower enamelled oven in soap stone with dripping-pan
  • Primary air modulation devices
  • Tools compartment
  • Efficiency: Up to 89% (EUROPEAN)*
  • Wood consumption: 2.8kg/hr @ medium burn rate


The strict manufacturing standards and the high quality of raw materials, grant higher heat accumulation and stable durability of the fire box and other components.


Easy Cleaning

The wide ash pan and the obvious inspection points make maintenance easier keeping the efficiency of the firebox at its highest levels.


Smoke By-Pass

Smoke by-pass technology reduces smoke entering the living zone with every wood load by redirecting exhaust to the rear of the fireplaces using the sliding control.



Enamelled oved complete with grill and dripping pan


Made in Italy

Thermorossi utilises the most modern techniques of production and manufacturing of all its products to conform to the strictest European regulations.